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Businesses and Organizations dedicated to providing a Healthy Environment



When you take these steps to offer a fresh and clean environment for your customers and employees, we place an official door badge announcing to everyone your commitment to preventing the spread of COVID and other infectious diseases.


We even created this unique website with public recognition to let everyone know about your dedication to their health and safety. Each door badge includes a specialized QR Code that links to this website and only contains businesses that share your desire to create a safe environment for the elderly and anyone at risk. 


The country will quickly recognize which businesses are protected and safe spaces, and which are not. 

Thanks again for your consideration in protecting your local community!


How does our organization get one?

Requirements for membership

Businesses, non-profits, and government agencies need to show

a consistent commitment to ensuring the health and safety

of employees, customers, and visitors

to be considered for this distinguished honor.

Once a space has been maintained properly using

either HOCl, filtration, or negative ionization, a

"Clean & Safe Space Badge"

is awarded, and their name and location appear on this website.

(Advertising also available on this site when you contact us)


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